HL Seires 60Hz Alternator
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【HL Series 60Hz Alternator】
【HL Series 50Hz Alternator】
    Alternator-----HL Series 60Hz Alternator
HL Seires 60Hz Alternator

Model Number: HL Seires 60Hz Alternator
The technical performance and mounting dimension of HL series generators are international IEC 34-1 and national GB755 standards compliant, the quality of products can reach current international standard.

1. The standard protection for HL series generator is IP23

2. Windings are insulated to class H

3. Full-damping whole salient construction guarantees generator to be operated stably in any conditions, and enable it to run under 150% rated speed (2250r/min.) for 2min,

4. HL generators are provided with a 2/3 winding pitch as standard, can effectively eliminate the third harmonic(3rd, 9th, 15th, etc.) and are therefore perfectly suited to installation with distoring loads, and easy to operate with the other generator in parallel

5. Adjusting rate of stable voltage≤1%, adjusting rate of instant voltage:-15%~+20%(60%ln, COSΦ≤0.4 lagging), instant voltage recovery time≤1.5s

6. Wave aberration rate of voltage THD≤4%, telephone harmony wave factor THF≤2%, telephone effedtive factor of TIF≤50



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